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In recent years there has been particular interest in customer detective agencies to the service as a hidden video surveillance. This is facilitated, first, the efficiency of the method that gives the highest results in the investigation. Significant advantage is also document the events in the CCTV, which, depending on the situation allows a client to appeal to facts, not "bare words."

Surveillance of man today allows detectives quickly produce the desired client facts . In the course of a hidden surveillance specialists use a wide range of modern technical facilities, which allow one to fix the tiniest details of the required events . The most commonly used modern cameras that make today surveillance has become a kind of art risque photographs. This method allows you to record almost everything, from the fact of treason person and finishing gravity of the violation of the law.

Typically, hidden video surveillance is used when the client actually need documentary evidence of someone's immoral or illegal actions that will be transferred to law enforcement authorities or the courts . It is also very useful in the event that a person is oath says he does not commit any act. So you present the facts , to protest that he could not.

From his practice will cancel that watching people gives tremendous results with the facts of adultery. Surveillance of the wife or husband with a photo or video recording of the fact of change is very popular today . It is mined as evidence that allow the customer to obtain a divorce on favorable conditions for it .

Covert video surveillance of a nanny as well as possible will allow you to find the correct answer to the question as to whether you can entrust your child to that person.

Secret surveillance allows the head to check on the loyalty of its employees. This is especially true in cases where there is a fact to merge information from competitors. In addition, people watching can bring out into bribes , extortion and other lawbreakers. Presenting the facts in the right instance , you will be able to get at the truth .

However, the advantages of using this method of weight . All of it makes no sense to list . However, if you need such a service as video surveillance in the Volyn region , you have to understand that is very serious about finding a person to whom the strength to perform such a delicate function.

Detective Agency " Private detective Luck " can help you in carrying out surveillance in Lutsk and region in accordance with the current laws . The experience of our detectives to help them cope with the high quality task while remaining undetected. In turn, modern base of hardware will clearly define the key points of the investigation.

The cost of surveillance in our agency is calculated on an individual basis and depends on the complexity of the task.


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More than a year ago, I dated a girl a long relationship did not work, so I found out that not only hers. She met for at least another two guys . After that, I immediately broke relations . But after a couple of months, she came to my home with a certificate of pregnancy. She said it was my child . I just laughed and sent it to the four winds . When she gave birth , then just beginning to haunt me . She said that even though I looked at his son , and my eyes and nose. She even managed my parents…

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My 18 year old daughter was missing. Went to the police, where she had heard that a girl walk up and coming. How can you say such a mother, and even hysterical. Thank God, in our time, there are private agencies that conduct searches for missing people. I was quickly brought back home. Still on the right path to urge. I hope with your help, this will not happen again.

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Basically, now people have video surveillance associated with a huge number of cameras located throughout the house or office.