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Many people are under the force so believable lie and come up with different stories, so as not to be caught in a lie. Thus in life quite often there are situations when it is extremely important to know a person is lying or telling the truth. May depend on even the most serious life choices. For such cases, there is today a special device called a polygraph lie detector. Check it ensures the most reliable results. Beat the polygraph lie detector average person can not afford, how artfully he was not lying.

In fact, externally and can not be shown that the person actually lying. However, on a subconscious level will trigger uncontrollable impulses of the human nervous system, which is able to capture the apparatus during the polygraph examination . Simply put, if a person is lying , a polygraph test is guaranteed to fix . Today we can say that the polygraph services provide 99.9 % result in establishing the truth. You are because of their own emotions can " make friends at a hoax ." Polygraph - unfeeling machine , which responds only to the study of human impulses . It only displays the result being unaffected .

Beat the polygraph lie detector can only those who underwent a special course at the School of counterintelligence . Scouts and special agents can control myself even on a subconscious level . However, such units. And all other people can not do it . So you can feel free to check out the polygraph their loved ones , family or friends , if you suspect that they are trying to circle around your finger. Polygraph test can also be carried out to expose the adultery .

There is increasing use of polygraph services for staff . Thus, you can be sure that the person whom you see for the first time , telling the truth during the interview .

Also polygraph test personnel manager can catch them in a professional dishonesty or links to competitors. The basis for the polygraph test can serve a variety of reasons related to the fact of distinguishing truth and lies in the words and actions of any individual. In this case, you will need his consent to perform the procedure.

If you need a lie detector in the Volyn region , contact the detective agency " Private detective Luck ." We dispose of this unit and ready to quickly arrange for appropriate verification. Polygraph in Lutsk will help you get a really honest answer and understand the difficult situation for you .

Our agency has experienced polygraph examiners who conduct a polygraph test . They ensure not only the accuracy of the result , but the correctness of the procedure itself.

Our detective agency for the service polygraph price is set individually depending on the particular situation and the number of questions asked . To learn about all the nuances of the polygraph , you had better contact us directly .


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My wife is a strange mania, ever suspects me of treason. That one my friend writes me a mistress, then another. And I actually neither her friends nor the other women did not. All explanations and vows to his wife do not work. Forces no longer live in this delusional pursuit. I already broke down and he offered her a lie detector test for the truth of my words. The detector has confirmed that to his wife in what is to blame. Thank you for helping to organize the operational test.

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