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Today there are a huge number of different investigators, but really high quality and professional services to private investigators are actually a huge rarity. Many people, once having completed some courses lawyer or just coming out of the institution, begin to consider themselves professionals more levels, trying to make trouble for other people, while not fulfilling their commitments and promises. But employees of our detective agency in Lutsk appreciate their customers and gives priority only result. You can be sure that we work only with people who have a lot of experience to provide the services of a private detective. Especially that every employee passes first test, despite his experience in law enforcement. So you can be sure that the services you will provide only proven and experienced people who aim to solve.


The spectrum of our services is quite extensive and can respond to requests almost every person, please contact us. We refuse to work only to those whose orders are openly criminal nature or somehow imply transgression of the law, to which we can not go. Cost of services of our detective agency can be found in a personal meeting with a specialist.


I started coming to the post strange letters with threats from an anonymous recipient. Then all this nonsense began to write, even frightened . I'm so scared she was afraid and go out into the street . The police had to go pointless. Decided to seek the help of a detective agency . I quickly helped to find ip address for the person who wrote all those nasty things . It turned out that it was the ex-girlfriend of my current husband. I do not know why she needed it , they broke up a long time ,…

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At the last moment my man, who was a witness in my case (car accident) has refused to appear in court. I needed a real witness of the accident, which established lightning detectives. I even did not even hoping that someone will confirm my words. Opponents argue that I have not missed the turn, even though it was he broke the rules. In general, I witness helped get the truth.

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Anna S.

I am very worried about my son. Vadik good boy, but very intense and goes on about at all. I'm worried that he was not dragged into bad company or addiction to alcohol or even worse , to drugs. Frankly, I do not mind these days do not give a live peacefully . A friend said that since I'm so afraid of this , I better go to the detective agency in Lutsk , which establishes a variety of information about children. I am very glad that you asked for . I was reassured that Vadim leads a normal life…

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Surveillance specialists

Basically, now people have video surveillance associated with a huge number of cameras located throughout the house or office.