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I suspected that his wife was cheating on me . Frankly, such a thought I frequented , because I'm jealous to the horror , but this time it was on the face. I smoked on the balcony and saw that she was taken home by car , not just a car , but on a steep Mazda. I'm on a wheelbarrow in a lifetime does not accumulate . I'm at the door told her about it , but my wife just laughed in response . Escaped with the excuse that I'm paranoid. But I turned to the private investigator . Checking the wife of…

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I have lost money from the card, a fairly large amount. The agency found that they were transferred to your account on the internet fraudsters. Even established who they are now set the truth in court.

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More than a year ago, I dated a girl a long relationship did not work, so I found out that not only hers. She met for at least another two guys . After that, I immediately broke relations . But after a couple of months, she came to my home with a certificate of pregnancy. She said it was my child . I just laughed and sent it to the four winds . When she gave birth , then just beginning to haunt me . She said that even though I looked at his son , and my eyes and nose. She even managed my parents…

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Surveillance specialists

Basically, now people have video surveillance associated with a huge number of cameras located throughout the house or office.